Sandercock & Cowie – Experts in IP Protection

We specialise in a full range of skills related to intellectual property. We directly service the jurisdictions of Australia and New Zealand, and through our network of overseas associates are able to service our clients intellectual property (IP) requirements in all other jurisdictions. Sandercock & Cowie bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when handling any matters relating to patents, trade marks or designs, as well as contentious IP matters. The expert guidance and professionalism of our attorneys, David Drew and Roger Syn, provide excellent advice and support for our clients.

Long standing Company with International Connections

Established in 1991, Sandercock & Cowie has a long-standing relationship with many companies within Australia/New Zealand as well as internationally.

These associations allow the firm to streamline the patent process and provide resources from around the world to ensure that your intellectual property process is handled efficiently.

The Dedicated Team that Shares Your Passion For Success

If you have worked hard to develop a patent or trade mark a brand, you will want to deal with attorneys that understand the process and share your passion for your idea and the success it may bring.

Sandercock & Cowie are capable of getting the job done and can help guide you along every step of the process, from conception to development, and ultimately to the protection of your commercialised product.

The Utmost Confidentiality and Professionalism

When dealing with intellectual property, confidentiality is key. Sandercock & Cowie are experts in the handling of sensitive projects and will ensure the utmost discretion and professionalism when it comes to dealing with your intellectual property matters.

For expert advice and guidance relating to all matters of intellectual property law, contact Sandercock & Cowie at +61 3 5995 9004