What are you looking for in a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Practice?

When committing to protect and commercialise your idea or brand concept, you need advisers with a thorough knowledge of patent, trade mark and design law and practice. Sandercock & Cowie are able to assist you in achieving the best available protection for your business proposal or product and to an enable effective enforcement, when required.

What can Sandercock & Cowie offer?

  • Sandercock & Cowie’s practice reflects the variety of the local manufacturing industry.
  • We apply our considerable intellectual property (IP) expertise and experience to disputes regarding intellectual property rights, to obtain optimum outcomes for our clients.
  • In an initial interview at Cranbourne, we can determine the best strategies applicable to your situation.
  • Our relationships with a vast network of foreign patent and trade mark associates is well established and long standing.

How Can You Make Initial Preparations?

  • Do not release your idea to others before discussing your position with us.
  • Make an appointment to meet with one of our expert IP consultants or contact us by email or telephone.


To talk to the expert attorneys in all fields relating to intellectual property, contact David or Roger on

+61 3 9800 3434 

Common Questions for People Entering the IP Market

If I launch my idea will I land on somebody else’s existing rights? Most people who have ideas wish to know if their idea is original. The patent process inherently includes novelty searches conducted by Patent Examiners, which generally give a good indication as to whether the concept is patentable. If you wish to have novelty or infringement searching conducted prior to initiating the patent process, we recommend that you consult with us first to determine the best search strategy.

If not, can I establish rights myself?
The patent application process is generally a long and complex series of steps required to achieve granted or registered rights. Patents are almost invariably for improvements on previous technology and, provided that your idea presents a technical advance comprising one or more distinguishing technical features, you may be eligible to obtain valid and enforceable IP rights.

Trade marks

Trade marks are a vital part of establishing your brand within the business community. In order to stand out and create a distinctive company you need to first carefully select your trade mark name, ensuring it is unique and specific to your industry. If somebody is using your trade mark without permission, we recommend that you consult one of our attorneys to determine the best approach. Registering a trade mark is relatively cheap compared to retrospectively regaining lost territory occasioned by unauthorised use by another competitor.

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To talk to the expert attorneys in all fields relating to intellectual property, contact David or Roger on +61 3 9800 3434

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